Graham and Molly’s Puppies

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Litter Description:

We are excited to announce our beautiful litter of F1b Miniature English Goldendoodle Puppies. These babies have been long anticipated and hoped for. Their mom is Molly, our sweet, laid back F1 English goldendoodle mama weighing about 40 pounds. Their daddy is Graham, our little toy poodle weighing about 8 pounds. Graham is a very sweet special boy, and the most calm and quiet poodle we have ever known. These puppies will be in the 20-30 pound range (average 25 pounds), their coats are going to be non-shedding and curly to very wavy. The English goldendoodles have a loving and usually more laid back temperament, and they are a joy to be around. English F1b miniature goldendoodles are quite rare and hard to find, and these really are exceptional, wonderful puppies. Their coat colors are cream, gold, and apricot. Both parents are health tested through Paw Print genetics and are clear.
***You may see many people advertising miniature goldendoodles these days. There is a problem with false advertising with this type of doodle, and many are not truly mini goldendoodles, but rather other mixtures such as maltipoos, cockapoos, etc.. It is a very difficult, expensive, and long process to get authentic miniatures because fertility specialist veterinarians, travel, and lots of patience are required to achieve success. Be sure you are getting what you want and are paying for as we hear many stories if people who are sadly deceived in this way.