Graham and Foxy’s Puppies

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Litter Description:

This is a very special litter of toy Pomapoos. They are a F1b cross, which mean their mama,,Foxy is a first generation Pomapoo, and their daddy, Graham is a toy poodle. These are the sweetest little shiny black puppies with the cutest curl and little button noses. With this specific cross, these little ones will always retain that Teddy Bear puppy look. They really do look like tiny black bear clubs, and could not be any cuter. We adore them, and we know you will too! They have been raised in our home with our family, and should do well in a variety of home environments from families with children to adults or those who are retired and need a puppy that will stay small and be easy to train and handle. We have 2 girls (Dorothy and Glenda) in this litter, and one little boy (Toto). The girls are both solid black, and Toto has spotted toes on his hid feet and small white spots on the bottom of those feet. If you ask me, it’s just the cutest thing ever! If you love the spirit and personality of a Pomeranian, but prefer a dog that is non shedding and stays very small, these are the babies for you!