Teddy and Graham Doodles

At Teddy and Graham Doodles, we focus on early socialization and great temperaments for puppies that will become beloved family members emotional support animals, and therapy dogs. Our dogs love children and are raised on our 60 acre farm with daily playtime, snuggles and love. They are exposed to a wide variety of experiences, other animals, and farm activities. This makes our puppies especially well rounded and able to adapt to their new lives and families very well. Our parent dogs have all of their health testing done through PawPrint genetics, and the puppies will be Vet checked, up to date on vaccinations, deworming, and will be started on training. Approved homes only.

We raise doodles, because we truly love these dogs! We only want the best for them and will sell to devoted pet homes only. Please be sure that you are willing to commit to the dog’s life time heath, happiness, and care.

We raise special puppies and we want special homes for them where they are treated like family members and live within the home.

Our family farm is centrally located in Little Rock, AR.

Our puppies come with a health guarantee.

Why Doodles?

  1. HYPOALLERGENIC: Doodles typically shed very little and are recommended for families with allergies, or those who don’t want to deal with the upkeep required with constant shedding.
  2. HEALTHY: Poodles have fewer health issues than many other AKC breeds. Additionally the hybrid vigor which results from out-cross breeding means that Doodles are typically healthy dogs.
  3. INTELLIGENT: Poodles are one of the smartest (and easiest to train) dog breeds. Crossing a Poodle with another breed almost always makes a smarter puppy. They have Superior intelligence which makes them easy to train, and they are not usually considered barkers. They are very loyal dogs who have an intuitive-sensitive nature. Golden doodles are athletic dogs who love to run, play, and love water sports. They have an easy going personality and playfulness and fit into just about any family environment. They are known to be quick learners and being “model” students in their puppy/dog classes. Golden doodles love to please. We have found them to bond with their family members and they seem to sense when you are in need of extra cuddles and affection, and are more than happy to provide them! Whether you want to relax or to play, a doodle will be right by your side and eager to please!
  4. CUTE: Many families like the teddy-bear look of Doodle Puppies look “too cute to be real.”
  5. FRIENDLY: Doodle varieties are usually great with kids and other people. Families looking for a Loving Companion often find Doodles to be a great fit. Research has proven that Dog Ownership can be great for children.

Why Teddy and Graham Doodles?

  1. Parent dogs are tested for any genetic issues.
  2. Professional vet care for parents and pups. We don’t buy random shots or wormers at the feed store, we invest in the best care.
  4. Our Doodle pups come with a one year health guarantee.
  5. FAMILY-RAISED DOODLE PUPPIES: We believe that puppies are healthier and better socialized when raised by a family, rather than a “professional” kennel with dozens of dogs.
  6. FLEXIBILITY: Once your application is accepted, and your deposit is received, you have the option to pass on litters as they become available. This allows you to get the Doodle puppy that you want in the timing that works best for you.
  7. CONVENIENCE: Most families prefer to pick their puppy up in person. If you are unable to make the trip, we can deliver or companion fly for the actual expense with a nominal convenience fee.
  8. GIVING BACK: Teddy and Graham Doodles helps support local rescues, and we will also help rehomes doodles in need of help finding a new home.

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Customer Reviews

The Best!

Teddy and Graham Doodles were the BEST!! We have the best little pomapoo (Pomeranian and mini poodle mix). He is extremely well-behaved, has a great temperament, and is very playful! Teddy and Graham Doodles answered any and all questions we had and were very good at communicating up until the point we got our cute puppy! I have been stopped at random places and asked where I got my puppy and I get excited to talk about how wonderful this breeder is. Truly, a great experience with Teddy and Graham Doodles! If we are looking for another doodle in the future, we will definitely be coming back to them.


We got Macy, an English Goldendoodle, from Melissa and JP. They picked the Best puppy for our family, as we have never owned a pet before. She is so adorable and has such a sweet temperament. Melissa, JP, and family really love their puppies and ensure they are healthy and handled with lots of love and care. We would wholeheartedly recommend Teddy and Graham Doodles! You will love your experience with this family!

Whitney C

Beautiful Dogs

Very friendly and professional – beautiful dogs and went out of their way to help on multiple occasions

Matt H


I just picked up my beautiful English Golden Doodle from Teddy and Graham Doodles. I researched many breeders to find one that was not like a puppy mill. A breeder whose dogs and puppies were well taken care of and healthy.
Their website was very informative. They do genetics testing on the Parent dogs. The puppies are family raised on a 60 acre farm, they come with a health guarantee and the breeder also supports local rescues. I would highly recommend this breeder. My new puppy Daisy is happy, healthy and already a part of our family!

Loving our puppy!


Teddy and Graham Doodles made our experience easy and stress-free, plus  hey made it clear that we were dealing with a reputable group. They communicated well and were friendly and knowledgeable. Our goldendoodle is the perfect new member of our family. I feel very lucky that we found Teddy and Graham Doodles and recommend them highly to anyone looking to get a high quality and well rounded four-legged family member. Our puppy clearly lived in a stress-free, warm, social, and family environment before joining ours. Thank you for enriching our lives!

KJE in Memphis, TN